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I have known Candida for many years, and was fortunate to be able to employ her for one year, to work throughout my school. Candida was a very pleasant member of our school team, and we all enjoyed working with her. She has a warm nature, and has the ability to get on with all members of the school community.

I believe that excellence in teaching, and enjoyment of learning should be at the heart of all schools. An aim of our school was to create and maintain the buzz factor, and attempt to make learning vivid and real. To this end, I employed Candida, to work with classes of children, from the age of four to eleven, to enhance their creative experiences, linked to the projects they were undertaking. This she did superbly well.

She worked well with the class teachers and support staff, to plan and deliver a variety of creative experiences, to enhance the children’s project work, including work in 2D and 3D, using a variety of materials, with individual, paired and small groups of children, within the classroom.

She had a very professional approach to her role, always being well prepared for each lesson. Candida had good classroom management. Resources were made quickly available to the children, and she communicated her intentions clearly. She carefully planned lessons that engaged, motivated and inspired the children, whilst building on what they already knew, being creative and adaptable to the learner, so as to deliver an interesting, memorable and often challenging lesson.

At the end of each lesson, the children were happy and excited, enthusing about what they had learnt, and eagerly anticipating their next lesson.

In addition to working with the children, Candida also conducted staff in-service training, at the end of the school day. She showed a great deal of patience in enabling us to develop new skills. It was a fun experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Candida to teach in your school. She would be a great asset.

Margaret Wilkinson

Former Head Teacher of Warley Town School

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